Nordmann part of major drug network in Australia

A 29-year-old Norwegian national residing in Australia is linked to a major drug network in Australia, according to VG. He is one of the 28 people charged with more than 100 drug-related offenses. The network is said to be  operated on the Australian East Coast.

The 29-year-old is accused of six violations of the Drugs Act, where three of them are considered to be very rough, reports the press officer at the Brisbane Magistrates Court to VG. He is also charged with three cases where the police believe he has acquired assets with money derived from criminal activities.

The 28 people were arrested over a period from January 2017 to June this year. The Nordmann has been in custody since 7 September and was arrested when he was looking for a bail after another drug breach in the state of Queensland. His girlfriend will also be among the arrested.

Drugs were seized at a value of six million kroner. The picture shows several packages of cannabis. Photo: Australian police

During the operation, Australian police seize drugs worth over 1 million Australian dollars, approximately 6 million Norwegian kroner. The police seize cannabis, MDMA and cocaine.

There were also seized nearly 15 million dollars in cash, 15 cars, jewelry and computer equipment in the operation called Operation Papa Argyle.

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