No need for evacuation in Longyearbyen

There is no need for evacuation in Longyearbyen Monday despite considerable avalanche risk in the area.

– Based on assessments from NVE and Skred AS, evacuation is not implemented. The weather seems to have calmed down. It still blows, but there is little rainfall. There have also not been observed landslides in Lia and Nybyen. There is nothing in the weather forecasts that indicates that the avalanche danger will be greater, says communications adviser Terje Carlsen at the Governor of Svalbard to NTB.

At Nordenskiöld Land, where the largest settlements on Svalbard are located, the avalanche danger is still at the level of danger 3 – significantly. Outside the inhabited areas, no measurements are made, and therefore people must make their own safety assessments.

“There is no new meeting to consider possible evacuation of the buildings, but the avalanche risk is continuously assessed,” says Carlsen.

The avalanche alert reported on Sunday evening a great danger of avalanches on the southern part of Svalbard. “Heavy winds and heavy rainfall will lead to large wind transport of snow into the slope. Naturally triggered landslides are expected. Avoid all avalanche terrain, ”says Monday’s warning from

NVE, the consulting company Skred AS and the Governor closely monitor the avalanche situation. The warning of strong winds meant that the Governor asked people to secure loose objects.

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