New rules require passports to use BankID

A new money laundering law means that Sparebank 1 requires a passport for customers to be able to log in with BankID.


– The purpose is to protect both the customer and the bank against money laundering, ID theft, fraud attempts, terrorist financing and other financial crime, explains Communications Director Hans Tronstad in Sparebank 1 SMN to Adresseavisen .

The new law has stricter requirements for credentials, so banks should be sure who their customers are, and the rules require personal attendance.

Many people have signed up for the personal online ID BankID, but not everyone needs to go to their bank and show their passport to continue using BankID.

– From 2007, the authorities have demanded that passports should be the basis for the customer relationship. This means that we have approved ID for those who have become customers after 2007, but that we are still missing for some of those who became customers of the bank before this, ”says Tronstad.

From the customers being notified through their online bank, email and SMS, they have two weeks to seek out the bank. If not, the BankID is temporarily blocked.

Foreign nationals who do not have a Norwegian passport can present alternative documentation, such as a residence card in addition to a passport.

DNB informs NTB that their customers do not have to do anything.

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