New multiple sclerosis drug can be introduced on Monday

The MS says that a new revolutionary drug against multiple sclerosis, for which patients have been waiting for over 20 years, may be introduced on Monday.

After the discussion in decision making forum, it will be decided whether  whether MS patients with the worst prognosis, called primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS), will receive this medicine or not.

According to MS, Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) is the first brake medicine to help people with PPMS. It was introduced in Europe last year and then received marketing authorization in Norway. It is also approved in the United States. Dagens Medisin writes, “according to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, the medicine has documented effect, but the price is high and “probably in the upper layer of what can be considered cost-effective treatment”. 

In a statement from MS, it was stated that “We in MS are seriously concerned. When a brake medicine comes into effect and which exposes the development of injury and disability, Norwegian MS patients must be able to access it. This is a group of patients who have been waiting for remedies for over 20 years.

 Time to approve the medicine

Øivind Torkildsen, a chief neurologist at Haukeland University Hospital, says it is time to approve the medicine.

– It is positive that they finally make this assessment. Time is overdue for the drug to be put into use. It is approved in Sweden and Denmark, so in Norway there is an aftermath, says Torkildsen to Dagens Medisin.

According to MS-linked, around 12,000 people live with MS in Norway and out of these, about 10-15 percent have diagnosed primary progressive multiple sclerosis.


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