New heat record in the UK

For the first time, over 20 degrees of heat have been measured in the UK during the winter.

The scale rose to 20.3 degrees in Trawsgoed in Wales Monday. This is a new British record for February, according to the meteorological institute Met Office.

In addition, it is the first time it has been measured over 20 degrees in the country during the winter months.

The direct cause is a high pressure that leads to unusually hot weather both in the UK and other parts of Western Europe. In Norway, February has been characterized by birds singing in Oslo and new heat records in Hordaland and Oppland.

In Britain, the old February record was 19.7 degrees, according to the BBC. It was set in Greenwich in 1998.

As recently as last year, a new summer record was set in England. The average summer temperature was the highest since the measurements began.

Due to global warming, the likelihood of new heat records has increased over much of the world.

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