New electricity meters have averted several fires

All Norwegian households now have new digital power meters. Already, the new meters have averted flammable situations.

With the digital power meters, the grid companies can receive voltage measurements and ground fault warning directly from all their customers, according to Teknisk Ukeblad . Unusual rash may indicate a fire hazard.

– In the fall, we found three cases where the plastic was blackened and the insulation in the electrical equipment at the customer. There we know that it could have been fire, ”says Silje Ingebrigtsen in Alta Kraftlag.

Haugaland Kraft also has similar experiences. This spring, they received measurements that showed a critical voltage error in a private customer in Haugesund. When they came to the place, the intake box was red hot and it sparkled from the wires.

– We have several times discovered bad clamp connections with hot water that could have led to a fire at customers, says smart network manager Svein Inge Djursvoll at Haugaland Kraft to Technical weekly magazine.

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