New 50 and 500 patches on the way

Norges Bank announces on introducing new 50 and 500 krone bank notes. New notes will have advaned technology as per the bank reports.

The new banknotes come into circulation on October 18, the central bank informs. Two brand new security features will make it easier to distinguish a real note from a fake one.

“We are building up under the confidence and trust that has featured Norwegian banknotes for more than 200 years,” Norges Bank writes on Twitter.

The main pattern of the 500-krone note is the rescue boat RS 14 Stavanger, designed by Norway’s most famous boat builder and designer, Colin Archer. 

The main motif of the 50-krone paper is based on Utvær fyr in Solund municipality, a premier built in 1900, which is the westernmost point in the country.

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