Need more vocational students: Says Prime Minister Erna Solberg

Prime Minister Erna Solberg opened the exhibition “Future vocational science” at the Technical Museum in Oslo on Friday. The goal is increased recruitment to avoid the lack of professionals.

Projections from Statistics Norway show that in 2035, Norway could not have 70,000 skilled workers, if nobody seek and complete vocational education.

“The point of the exhibition is to ensure that more young people are recruited to vocational subjects,” says Solberg to NTB.

The exhibition shows both traditional vocational subjects and electricians, and also new professions that arise as a result of automation, robotization and digitization. Lack of skilled labour in the future will have consequences, according to the Prime Minister.

This will mean that we get more unskilled and at the same time more labor imports. What is stupid for Norwegian society is that some young people do not choose vocational education, but go against professions and higher education that will not necessarily give them a job, says Solberg.

Safe job

Elisabeth Lange is secretary leader at the World Skills Norway Foundation, which is working on the “Professional Years 2018” initiative and has made the exhibition at the Technical Museum. She points out that the development of vocational subjects is improving – this year 50 percent applied for vocational subjects.

“The main message with the exhibition is to show that there is a future in taking vocational subjects. We need skilled workers because if development continues as today, it can be catastrophic”, she told NTB.

Lange emphasizes safe work, zero student loans and many career opportunities that arise in vocational education.

Shrink prejudice

The government recently launched a new scheme that allows students to switch to vocational subjects after the first year of study specialization, without having to resume Vg1. At the same time, increased apprenticeship grant to 21,000 kroner is an initiative to get more companies to take apprentices.

And by 2020 there will be a major change in the structure of vocational subjects, which makes it possible to specialize earlier.

Knowledge Minister Jan Tore Sanner (H) will live what he calls prejudices against vocational and vocational education.

“Young people have been faced with prejudice over decades from teachers, supervisors, fellow students and parents. I’m sure we will succeed in scoring fake and devastating prejudices”, he says.

The exhibition at the Technical Museum will be open from 31 August until 16 September.

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