Nayib Bukele won the presidential election in El Salvador

Nayib Bukele from the Conservative Party GANA is El Salvador’s next president, showing preliminary election results.

“At this moment I can safely say that we have won the presidential election,” said 37-year-old Nayib Bukele to his supporters after the Sunday evening election.

The election commission in the country also declares Bukele as the winner of the election. After 90 percent of the votes were counted, the 37-year-old was 54 percent in support. Candidate Carlos Callegas received 32 percent of the votes, according to preliminary results.

Recognize the loss

The counter-candidate Hugo Martinez, who received the third most votes according to the results, recognizes Bukele’s victory. Calleja also recognizes the election results.

For the first time in nearly 30 years, El Salvador is given a president who does not come from ARENA or the left-wing FMLN. GANA is referred to as a conservative party, but has also entered into alliances with the left.

With 54 per cent of the votes of Bukele there will be no new election round. The rules in the country are such that if no candidates receive more than 50 per cent of the votes, the election is decided in a second election round between the two candidates who received the most.

Poverty and violence

Bukele has great tasks ahead of him as the upcoming president. According to the World Bank, around 29 percent of the population live on 6.3 million people below the poverty line.

Along with Honduras and Guatemala, El Salvador also forms the world’s most violent area that is not in a war zone. In 2018, the killing rate in El Salvador was 51 per 100,000 inhabitants. The situation in the country has made millions have left the country to travel to the United States.

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