Nav turns – support for stove guard maintained

Support for stove guard was originally to be removed this year, but after criticism from the fire department, Nav has turned the case over and continues the support.

The scheme was originally to be removed from May 16 this year. Following a new assessment made in consultation with the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB), it has been decided to maintain the support.

– We have now made a new assessment in the case and have decided to keep the stove guard as an aid in the first instance for two years, says section manager Jan Erik Grundtjernlien in Nav.

According to DSB, 45 per cent of the 3,547 emergency fire and rescue services in 2018 were due to the cooker.

“We see that the stove guard is of great benefit to the fire safety of a much larger group than those who fall under our area of ​​responsibility, and at some point enough stove guard can no longer be considered a technical aid in the sense of the National Insurance,” says Grundtjernlien.

The background for NAV’s original assessment is, among other things, that there is currently a requirement for a stove guard in all new buildings, and that it is common to obtain stove guard yourself.

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