#nattinaturen- Sleep Outdoors campaign

The Sleep Outdoors campaign is going to be hosted for the fourth time from September 1st to 9th throughout Norway. Last year it gained a huge success, almost 100,000 people participated. It marks the opening of the Outdoor Life Week 2018.

People can decide on how and where to sleep outdoors. It can be anywhere in Norway. Anybody can participate as there is no barrier on which place to choose and how to sleep outdoors. The place can be as near as your backyard or balcony and as far as the mountains.

Lasse Heimdal, the Secretary-General of Norwegian Outdoor Life says that they are aiming to break the records of the previous year and wants more and more people to take part in the campaign.

 We are aiming to beat last year’s record and hope that forests, mountains and gardens from north to south will be filled once again with tents and hammocks, says Secretary-General of Norwegian Outdoor Life, Lasse Heimdal.

Norwegian Outdoor Life also thinks that this is the great opportunity for parents to bring their children to sleep in the open air for the first time. The process will not be very exhausting rather adventurous as it can take place in the backyard of the house.

There are some local groups who are organizing overnight stays across the country to encourage participation. Anyone can be a part of it. (click here)

The goal of organizing such a campaign is to bring more and more people into nature.

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