NATO’s muscular show at Byneset

About 3,000 soldiers from several different countries will participate in the NATO exercise.

NATO to show its strength to international guests, Russia too attends the event.

“There will be some explosions,” Lieutenant Colonel Stine Gaasland confirms at the Armed Forces media center.

NATO invites international honors to Byneset outside Trondheim on Tuesday, there are military muscles and it’s not a military parade. The strength demonstration is the very highlight of Trident Juncture, the great NATO exercise that is now under way in Norway.

Soldiers must stage twelve scenarios in air, at sea and on land. It will, among other things, be overtaken with the new F-35 Fighter, and guests will also see soldiers storming the beach and firing down from helicopters.

Johan de Witt, Karel Doorman and Dixmude as well as seven frigates, two corvettes and ten smaller boats will be in exercise. Other than the large vessels, titles of tanks and other armoured vehicles will be in list. A total of 14 helicopters and 42 aircraft including fighters, transport aircraft and surveillance aircraft.


A large tribune has been setup for the guests for the show on the land of Byneset. Demonstration of military strength will begins at 12 o’ clock and will last for an hour. Local residents are not invited to the shows and the roads will be blocked for them around the venue. Show will be telecasted by the media for the local residents.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller will be the part of the venue and are set in place. They travel to Trondheim together with NATO ambassadors from the 29 member states in the alliance. In addition, NATO’s military committee participates.

From Norway, Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen (H) and several parliamentary and other political, military and civilian leaders participate.

In addition, defense officers and other military leaders come from several NATO member states, while some countries will also send their Oslo ambassadors to Byneset.

Several countries has been invited for the show and many countries will send their associated to attend, including Canada, Finland, Belarus, the Netherlands, Serbia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, USA, Austria and Russia.

The scenario for Trident Juncture is that Norway is attacked by an enemy invading from the north and squeezing in the south. Then allied forces will come to Norway to rescue and force the enemy to retreat.

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