NASA’s new telescope ‘Chandra’ experience trouble

On Wednesday, new NASA telescope Chandra observes X-rays from space and went automatically in security mode. The cause according to the American space organization NASA may be the mistakes with gyroscopes on board.

The room telescope Chandra has stopped the observations and gone in security mode, NASA states.

The problem with Chandra occurred days after the Hubble telescope got trouble. It was a gyro fault that caused Hubble to be taken out of service a few days ago. The instruments are used to orient the telescopes in space so they point to what should be observed.

The control centers are working to get both in business again. Both Chandra and Hubble are well used. Hubble is 28 years old, while Chandra is 19. NASA says, the space telescopes have gone down at the same time is completely random.

“I think Chandra found out that if Hubble had some time off, it would be free too, twisted Jonathan McDowell at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

The two space telescopes can make observations without having the atmosphere of the Earth as a disturbing filter. This has resulted in a large number of discoveries and several thousand published research reports.

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