Multinational companies pay more than half of Norway’s corporate tax

Multinational companies paid NOK 241 billion in corporate tax, employer’s tax and value added tax in Norway in 2016, according to an analysis from the tax administration.

The analysis is part of an international project under the auspices of the OECD and G20 to combat unwanted aggressive tax planning, states the tax administration .

In total, there are approximately 29,600 multinational companies in Norway, which represent nine percent of the total number of companies.

60 per cent of company tax

The analysis shows that:

* The multinational companies had 50 billion in settled tax, which amounts to about 60 percent of all taxes for companies in Norway.

* Multinational businesses contributed 127 billion dollars in value added tax (VAT), 47 percent of total income from value added tax.

* Total revenue for employers’ fees was 64 billion from multinational companies, of 107 billion total in employer’s social security contributions paid by joint-stock companies, public limited companies and branches in total.

“The analysis we have done now does not matter if the companies have paid a fair share of tax in Norway. But we form a useful basis for further analysis and to follow the development features, “says tax director Hans Christian Holte.

– Important that it is made visible

He states that work to ensure the tax base of international transactions is a priority task.

“We often see that the debate on taxation of multinational corporations is dominated by corporate tax counts, which is a smaller proportion of total tax revenues than value added tax and employer’s tax. It is important that all types of tax contributions from multinational companies be visualized, both for our own analysis purposes and for the social debate, “Holte says.

In the analysis, multinational companies are defined as companies that operate in several countries. The number of data shows that 13,800 of the multinational companies in Norway are Norwegian-controlled, while 15,800 are foreign-controlled.


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