Mueller disputes allegations that Trump asked Cohen to lie

Specialist Robert Mueller disputes the allegations in US media that President Donald Trump asked his former lawyer to lie to Congress.

“Buzzfeed’s descriptions of some statements to the Special Investigator’s office, and descriptions of documents and testimonies acquired by the office, whether Michael Cohen’s explanation to Congress, are not accurate,” said Peter Carr, spokesman for Mueller’s office.

The site Buzzfeed wrote on Thursday that Trump asked his former lawyer Cohen to provide false information to Congress in 2017. The case concerned Trump’s previous plans for a construction project in Moscow and when the plans were closed.

The site’s article was based on information from anonymous sources familiar with Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Buzzfeed responds

It is highly unusual for Mueller’s office to comment on current news issues. The AFP news agency calls the statement “explosive”. “Remarkable,” writes Fox News. The website itself takes the statement from Mueller’s office with crushing calm. They maintain that they stand by their work.

– We stand by our journalism, and we try to figure out exactly what Mueller disputes. Follow, says Buzzfeeds spokesman Matt Mittenthal.

The site’s editor-in-chief, Ben Smith, also asks Mueller to clarify what he thinks is wrong with the politicians’ statements.

Giuliani roses Mueller

Trump has for several years led a hostile rhetoric against US media, which he has suggested to lead a personal vendetta towards him. Shortly after the Mueller Office’s statement, Trump ruled several journalists who mentioned Buzzfeed as “fake news”. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani praises Mueller for the statement, but also directs an attack on the press.

– I praise Mueller’s office for addressing Buzzfeed’s false case that Trump asked Cohen to lie. I ask the press to be aware that their hysterical desire to destroy this president has gone too far. They ran this case without critical thinking, writes Giuliani on Twitter .

Serious charges

The claims made in Buzzfeed are serious. If Cohen is right to be asked to misinform the US elected officials, the president has, by all accounts, broken the law. Several Democrats stated that if the accusations vote, Trump must immediately be held accountable.

“If what Buzzfeed writes is true, then President Trump must either go off or be sued,” writes Democratic Congress Representative Joaquin Castro.

In December, Cohen was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for, among other things, illegal election financing. He also admitted having lied to the Senate intelligence committee on Trump’s plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

“It was my duty to cover his dirty actions,” Cohen said in court before Christmas. He said that of “blind loyalty” to Trump, he was “brought into the path of darkness rather than the way of light.”

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