MRSA detected in pig herd in Nordland

For the first time in two years, a case of the antibiotic-resistant bacterium MRSA in Norway has been proven.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority states that the Veterinary Institute has detected methicillin-resistant bacteria (MRSA) in a pig herd in Nordland. The positive sample is taken in the monitoring program for MRSA, where 800 crews are examined each year in Norway. MRSA has not been detected in pig herds here on land since early 2017, which indicates that MRSA is not widely used here.

The test is further forwarded to a laboratory that now examines whether the bacteria are of the type LA-MRSA, which means that it is an animal-associated variant (livestock-associated). LA-MRSA rarely causes disease in animals and healthy people, but people with impaired health can get serious infections if they become infected. Therefore, it is important to keep the prevalence of LA-MRSA in the livestock population and in the population, and not least to keep the bacteria away from health institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes.

LA-MRSA is killed when the meat is heat-treated, ie when meat is cooked or cooked, and it is common to pierce pork in Norway. Therefore, the risk of infection from possible infected meat is considered very small.

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