Motorists are advised to drive carefully on slippery roads

Snow and rain on Wednesday night and the next couple of days can make roads slippery, especially in Eastern Norway.

On Wednesday and until Thursday evening, it is reported that there is undercooled rain or rain that is freezing on the hill in eastern Norway and partly in southern Norway.

Drive for conditions and distance, Urges Vegvesenet East, which includes Oppland, Hedmark, Akershus, Oslo and Østfold, encourages.

“We want everyone safe for Christmas! Our contractors are out and take action, administrators tweet.

On Wednesday night there was a column driving due to storms over Hardangervidda (Riksvei 7) and Vikafjellet (highway 13), but at 22:00 the Hardangervidda was open again.

The police in Telemark reported slippery roads in Vinje, where a Polish carriage driver had to help with the chain.

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