Motorcycle accident on the Mosse road in Oslo

A man in his late 20’s has been driven to Ullevål Hospital after a motorcycle accident on the Mosse Road. There is some reduced accessibility on the spot.

The police received a message around 5 o’clock on Monday that a motorcycle and a man were on the road around 100 meters before Ljansbakken on Mosseveien in Oslo.

“It was a single accident, where a driver, a man in the late 20s, probably slipped into a swing and swung,” said Operation Manager Marita Aune to NTB.

The police quickly reached to the spot. It appeared to have a minor fracture in one arm and he was was taken to hospital.

“There is also some oil spill on the spot that needs to be removed. We direct traffic past in a field. The fire department is on the spot and removes oil oil, “police said.

(© NTB)

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