Most northerly vineyard up for sale

Johar Sættem and his wife Wenche Sættem, the couple who spent almost half of their life to set up the most northerly vineyard has put it up for sale.

Lerkåsa vineyard is in Norway’s Telemark fruit-growing region. The owner told Norwegian state broadcaster NRK that “It’s not large production, but it is exclusive”.  According to him, they make the most northerly rosé vine in the whole world.

They have been planting the vines on the plot since 2008. The first set of plantation included 400 vines and then the next set of 1300 vines in the following year. They had been in a search of vines which could withstand the cold winter, so they continued to replant and experiment until they found what they desired.

Back in 2016, Johar  Sættem told the Dagsavisen newspaper that they experimented with different grape varieties that can withstand a little cold. They found two usable varieties- Hasanski Sladki from Russia and Solaris from Germany.

The owners are selling the yard along with the vines. They hope to find a buyer who is as much enthusiastic for growing vines as they are. They hope that the buyer will continue to plant more vines and carry forward their dream of setting up a vineyard.

“We’re selling all the vines as part of the purchase, of course, so we hope there are more crazies like us out there. People who dare to bet on something new,” Wenche Sættem said.
The couple also grows fruit along with the vines and they use some part of it to make fruit vines. They also have banqueting rooms and cabins for rent.
Robert Stenbro, the broker, said that its a rare case of vineyard up for a sale in the market. He has never sold a vineyard before and is now happy to play this role.
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