More KrF members will cooperate to the right and to the left

says VG survey

A majority of the KrF members asked, want cooperation with the Left, Left and Frp front left side, according to a VG survey.

An even greater majority does not want the party to collapse the bourgeois government, even though the party should decide to seek cooperation on the left, the survey shows.

44 per cent prefer the bourgeois cooperation option, while 38 per cent believe the party should seek a government power with the Labor Party and the Center Party – and with SV as a support party.

17 per cent believes KrF should not seek government cooperation during this period, the survey shows. 344 people answered the questions, which were sent to 1,327 KrF members.

However, if the extraordinary general meeting were to go for the KrF to go into government with Ap and Sp, nevertheless, a majority believes that it would be wrong to fend the bourgeois government before the next election. A total of 59 percent will not err the Erna Solberg government in the current period.

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