Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: Now you get it affordable

The world’s first rechargeable SUV is now available for a reasonable price on the used market.

Mitsubishi may not be best known for launching new technology on their cars. But when they came with the third generation of the family SUV-one Outlander, it was precisely the technology that was in focus.

This was the world’s first rechargeable SUV. Outlander PHEV immediately became a great success here at home.

This is mainly due to two things: That these cars come very favorably through the Norwegian tax system and thus become relatively cheaper than cars with petrol or diesel engines. Besides that one can do away very much small driving on electricity. Thus, the running costs of this run are also low.

From half price

Here in Norway it was for several years without real competitors. It also gave record sales.

Over time, it has come to many rechargeable competitors. But none of them is really directly comparable to Outlander. Either they have been smaller and not entirely of family car size. Or they have been bigger and considerably more expensive – and thus not relevant to the large buying groups.

The new price for a fully equipped Instyle + version with four-wheel drive has been around NOK 450,000-500,000. Insulated a lot of car for the money, but everyone obviously can’t afford to buy a brand new car. For those who do not, the good news is that you can now find rechargeable Outlanders in the used market from around NOK 200,000 and up.

Many for sale

Then we speak 2014 models, which have often gone a bit. Mileage between 150,000 and 200,000 is not uncommon here.

But you don’t have to add more than 20,000-30,000 kroner to the table, to find a copy of only about half of that mileage.

The beauty of most cars for sale in Norway is that they are well equipped. Norwegians are known to be concerned about a good portion of equipment when we are going to buy a car. Five-year new car warranty means that there is still a guarantee for most Norwegian-sold cars in the used market.

This is important when shopping for used cars that are at the border for when the warranty expires. Cars with a little remaining warranty should cost more than cars where it has expired.

– I’m shocked at the consumption

202 horsepower

Outlander thus has both an electric motor and a petrol engine. In total, they provide 202 hp, and the car has an official electric range of up to 55 kilometers. This means that it is among the hybrids that can run furthest on power.

Still, you should not account for more than 30-40 kilometers as maximum range. In the winter, when it is really cold, it is quickly lower.


The average consumption of rechargeable hybrids is always a little misleading, but if you have less than 30 kilometers to work and leave there, you can get on a very modest fuel budget.

Officially, the consumption is 0.18 l / mil. But don’t hang that much on it. To get a good picture of realistic consumption, you need to analyze your usage pattern. If you have many small trips and the opportunity to charge frequently, then the rechargeable hybrid can really be smart.

So far we have heard of very little errors and problems at Outlander PHEV, but it is of course important that the car is followed up properly. Especially a check of the brakes is important.

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