Missed Norwegian woman in Madrid found safe

The 23-year-old woman from Hordaland who has been reported missing after a weekend trip to Madrid, has been found in good order.

– We found her in a hospital. The mother has just talked to her, NRK’s ​​father says.

The woman was reported missing in Spain on Tuesday 22 January. Family and friends had not received any sign of life from her after she went to Madrid last weekend.

“She is by no means the kind of not to contact, or to get off,” said a friend of the woman.

Kripos was connected to communicate contact between Norwegian and Spanish police. Tuesday, eight days after they last heard from her, the family was in the process of appointing a counsel for assistance. Tuesday afternoon the message came that she was found in a hospital in Madrid.

– She’s in great shape. It’s like I’ve won in Lotto. This is a hiccup, says his father.

The 23-year-old lived in Fuengirola south of Spain and has traveled from there to Madrid with two people.

West police district states that there is nothing criminal that has happened.

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