Missed flight probably found crash in Mexico

The wreckage of a private plane that disappeared on the way from Las Vegas to Monterrey in Mexico on Sunday is located, and all 13 on board were feared dead.

The plane took off from Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon and should have arrived at Monterrey in northern Mexico on Sunday evening. But it never appeared.

The air traffic controllers lost contact with the aircraft while it was over the Mexican state of Coahuila, and exploration of the aircraft was initiated.

Exploration crews flying over the desert and mountain areas of Coahuila on Monday observed debris left to be the missing Bombardier Challenger jet, 200 kilometers north of Monclova. TV pictures show wings and fly tail surrounded by charred debris on the ground.

“Everything indicates that the plane was missing,” says Miguel Villarreal, director of the Monclova airport in Coahuila.

– Now we are waiting for rescue workers to arrive at the wreck to confirm the registration number, he says. However, it may take time to reach the rugged terrain.

Media in Monterrey writes that passengers were returning home after a weekend trip to Las Vegas, where they had seen a boxing match between a Mexican boxer and an American boxer. There were ten passengers and a crew of three on board.

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