Memorial for the missing Norwegian Red Cross employee after the aircraft crash in Ethiopia

The Red Cross held a memorial meeting on Monday for Karoline Aadland (28), who was missing after the plane crash in Ethiopia, where 157 people lost their lives.

The Red Cross confirmed Sunday that Aadland from Bergen is among the missing after an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed on its way to Nairobi on Sunday.

– It is with great sadness that we have received this terribly sad news, says Secretary General Bernt G. Apeland in the Norwegian Red Cross.

The Red Cross has not received any confirmation from the airline or the authorities, and Aadland therefore has the status as missed.

– We fear that Karoline Aadland is among the fatalities, and we have informed her closest about this. Our thoughts are now with them in this difficult time, says Apeland.

The 28-year-old is a financial worker in the international department of the Red Cross. When the accident happened, Aadland was at work in the region.

No one survived when the Boeing 737 plane from Ethiopian Airlines with 149 passengers and a crew of eight crashed between Addis Ababa and Kenya’s capital.

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