Medical students at NTNU believe the most qualified are bypassed

Medical students at NTNU believe that healthcare companies in central Norway are breaking the law because less qualified newly educated doctors are offered more jobs.

The medical students have sent a concern message to the Norwegian Directorate of Health, as well as several in the administration of Health Center Norway and NTNU.

Figures from the Directorate of Health indicate that in spring 2018 only 37.9 per cent of the initial positions at hospitals in central Norway came to doctors with education from Norway, while the average for the rest of the country’s hospital is 55.7 per cent.

The students believe that hospitals in central Norway employ doctors with foreign education, which are less qualified applicants, to increase the chances of retaining them when they have completed graduation. Hanna Strømholt Bremnes, Labor Relations Officer, says that many people get jobs because of local affiliation or that they know someone at the hospital.

Acting HR Director Ketil Hjelset in Helse Møre og Romsdal rejects that some of their health companies violate the qualification principle. He points out that before they received the concern message, a process was initiated to improve the execution of employment.

“We cooperate with the Young Legers’ Association to ensure that the proper principles are followed and that these principles become visible to those seeking us,” Hjelset says.

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