Maxbo is charged 88 parking spaces for bicycles

Maxbo on Sinsen in Oslo is not approved the zoning plan since they have not adequately adapted for cyclists.

– There is no one who comes to bike to Maxbo to bring along a bath cabinet or a pallet of Leca blocks, says CEO Jens Jalland in Løvenskiold Eiendom to Estate Nyheter .

– If we are to arrange for 88 parking spaces for bicycles, the number of parking spaces for cars must be reduced from 70 to 26. It goes without saying that you cannot operate a building warehouse in such a way, Jalland continues.

The reason why the city council must decide on the proposed regulation for the property at the Sinsen junction in Oslo is that in 2002 Løvenskiold Eiendom agreed to the municipality of Oslo’s proposal to move the Maxbo store to fit the Sinsen metro station.

However, the replacement fee they received from the Oslo municipality, and erected a new Maxbo building warehouse close by, was unregulated. When the company now wants to confirm existing use through a zoning plan, the Planning and Building Authority (PBE) says no. The reason for the refusal is, among other things, that “the business activity remains strong car-based”

– The location of the store right near the subway and bus means that there is no need to arrange for car transport to the extent that the regulation proposal facilitates, writes the agency.

But the agreement between Oslo municipality and Løvenskiold Eiendom is fixed, so that Maxbo on Sinsen can continue operations as today. The company wants a regulation plan to secure in case of fire. If the building burns down, the company must apply for a new framework permit and then it is important to have a regulation plan, according to Estate News.

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