Mapping authority gets new tool to map Storm floods in Norway

Mapping Authority of Norway will be using their new tool to map the strength of the storm and flood approaching Norway. Future sea level changes will be easier to map and record, this will save a lot of time to be prepared for natural calamities and will also save high cost for municipality.

During this century, the sea level in Norway may have risen by half a meter. Areas that lie low and near the sea will therefore be more exposed to storm flow in the future. This can have consequences for buildings, other infrastructure, landscapes and nature on the waters edge.

Based on the UN Climate Panel’s projections, researchers at the Norwegian Mapping Authority have developed a solution that makes it possible to visualize the consequences of the future floods and sea level changes.

This new tool will help the authorities to have exact statistics of storm floods in the terrain, statistics on buildings and overview of roads exposed to flood.

– When zooming in on the hut and see how a storm surge could look like in 2090, it becomes easier to get a grasp on what the consequences will actually be, says researcher Kristian Breili in Mapping Authority to NRK .

“We know that it will be both milder and wet weather. In Norway, 75 per cent of the population lives along the coast. We are a coastal nation and therefore need such a tool, says Mæland.

Only half of Norwegian municipalities have today charted how vulnerable they are to stormflo. The measure can therefore provide major socio-economic savings through better planning in the future.

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