Man threw a knife against armed police

A man in his late 30’s threw a knife on armed police during  an arrest in Holmestrand in Vestfold on Wednesday night.
At midnight, police reported that the man was in an apartment and was threatening to a family member. He should also have ravaged the apartment before leaving the place and entered a nearby apartment.
– In the second apartment he was observed and we chose to arm us during the arrest. Then we not only had weapons, but also other equipment like vests and shields, says Operation Manager Christian Gulli in the Southeast Police District of NTB.

The man in the 30’s still maintained his threatening behavior and at one point threw a knife against the police officers. Fortunately nobody was injured.

He is charged with threats and violence against the police.

“He will be notified and charged with threats, damage and violence against the police,” said Gulli.

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