Man seriously injured in a knife stab at Oslo – one arrested

On Thursday evening one man was attacked with knife at Oslo and was seriously injured. Accused, a man in his 20’s was arrested by police.

The police were notified of the incident via AMK at 18.30 on Thursday evening. The man who was stabbed was sent by ambulance to Ullevål Hospital for treatment.

“We do not know how it goes with him now, besides being still in hospital and in charge of knife stabling. That in itself is serious, “said Anne Tveit, the vice-guardian in Oslo, to NTB at 1 o’clock to Friday.

– The suspect has not been questioned, so we do not know anything more about the relationship between the two. He will be tried out on Friday. We will not question him tonight, says Tveit.

The suspect, a man in the 20s, stabbed from the place. After a brief search, he was arrested at Greenland Underground Station, a few hundred yards away.

The police are uncertain about the cause of the violence episode. Early in the evening, the police said that the act appears unprovoked, because they do not know any relation between the suspect and the offender.

The suspect should have been questioned during Thursday evening, but it did not happen according to the criminal guard. The police worked to secure tracks both on him and on the scene. They did not want to say anything about the assaulted man is known to the police.

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