Man sentenced to three years in prison for rape by teenage girl

A 29-year-old man is sentenced to three years in prison for rape by a 14-year-old girl in Bergen District Court in Bergen District Court.

The man was found guilty of having manipulated, threatened and raped a 14-year-old girl. The girl turned 15 just after, and the man was 18 at the time, writes Bergens Tidende .

In addition to the prison sentence, he must pay the woman a total of NOK 2.5 million in damages and future financial losses.

The man denied punishment for all the circumstances when the case started in Bergen District Court on February 13, but he was not believed by the court.

The man met the girl online in 2008 and the two became girlfriends. Eventually, the girl would not meet the 18-year-old man anymore because she was afraid of him, but he still managed to persuade her to meet him again. They drove to a remote industrial area, where the girl was raped in the back of the car while she was fighting, it says in the verdict.

According to the verdict, the girl began self-harm in the years after the rape, she tried to take her life and was admitted to psychiatry. She has, among other things, been diagnosed with PSTD and depressive disorder as a result of the rape. Only in 2017 did the woman’s assistance lawyer report the conditions to the police, and the case was investigated.

– This is a very good and thorough judgment. It is in line with our claim, so we are absolutely happy with it, says aid lawyer Beate Hamre.

The man is currently serving a sentence for assault on a 13-year-old girl who happened in 2011.

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