Man sentenced for twelve and a half years in prison for murder in Ålesund

30-year-old man from Ålesund was sentenced for 12 and a half years in prison on account of murder.
In February, Robin André Svendsen (29) in Ålesund was stabbed to death with knife at Sunnmøre district court.

Prosecutor Jogeir Nogva claimed 14 years in prison when the case went to the district court last week, Sunnmørsposten reports .

Svendsen was killed in open street in Ålesund city center outside the Scandic Hotel around 16:45 on 26th February. Accused was convicted for intentional killing.

– The knife had caused potential damage and it is taken as a potential weapon of death. When you carry such a knife, it hides in jacket, so one must assume that the accused has been aware that he has had something that is life threatening, says Attorney General Nogva in his procedure, according to Sunnmørsposten.

The man was also sentenced to pay a total compensation of 266,000 kroner to the victim family.

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