Man sentenced to 17 years of detention for assault on the daughter

A man in his 50s from Sunnhordland has been sentenced to 17 years for sexual assault against the daughter for a period of 18 years in the Court of Appeal.

In Sunnhordland District Court, the man was sentenced to prison for 19 years, but Gulating Lagmannsrett believes the danger of repetition is so great that he must be sentenced to detention, writes Haugesunds Avis .

According to the verdict, the man has had frequent and regular sexual intercourse with her daughter from about five years old in 1999 to January 2017. The man was also convicted of extensive social control over the family and regularly exposed his cohabitant and four children for physical and mental punishment.

– The Court of Appeal believes there is a risk of sexual abuse both in the short and long term. The defendant’s ability to establish contact with women contributes to the risk of sexual abuse in new relationships. The defendant’s age, which will be 68 years after the end of a 17-year sentence, does not in itself reduce the risk, the judgment states.

The man is banned from contact with cohabitants and children indefinitely, and he must pay them a total of over one million in redress.

The detention judgment has a minimum period of ten years.

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