Man killed at a Christmas party in Holmenkollen was a Polish citizen

The police confirmed on Sunday morning that the man who was stabbed during a Christmas paty in Holmenkollen was a Polish citizen in his 50’s, residing in Norway.

– The relatives are now notified, says the head of the section for serious violent acts at the Oslo police district, Anne Alræk Solem, to NTB.

The murder occurred on Saturday night when a crew company had a party in a lavvo, rented to small and large companies on the so-called “Little Gratishaugen” at the ski resort at Holmenkollen.

The police were notified that a person was stabbed at 2.30, and when they arrived at the scene they found a seriously injured man.

Witnesses tried to help the man, AMK and the police came to the place where there was attempted revival – but no luck. He was later declared dead on the spot.

A Latvian 30-year-old resident of Hamar was arrested and charged with the murder. He is known to the police beforehand, confirmed the Oslo police on Saturday. He was sentenced to 21 days jail for knife threats last year.

– The siege has been sitting for several hours of interrogation. Tomorrow he will be made for custody, something he has agreed to, says Alræk Solem.

The defendant, lawyer John Christian Elden, told Aftenposten that his client agrees in custody because he wishes the case as best as possible.

Both the killed and the sifted job in the crew company.

More testimony

It has been said that also the victim is injured. Asking about this, says Alræk Solem:

– We do not want to comment on this now for the sake of witness quarrel that remains. But we continue our technical investigations on the spot, and the victim has explained. That is where we are now.

Further inquiries, both witnesses and victims, will be conducted on Sunday, and Alræk Solem does not want to go into further detail on the alleged noise that must have taken place before the murder.

The police have secured a number of seizures from the scene, including the knife that is to be the weapons of massacre.


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