Man charged with racist violence in Bergen

A 40-year-old rocket is accused of unprovoked, racist violence against a man of foreign origin. The defendant must have boasted of the violence afterwards.

On Monday, the trial in Bergen District Court started against the defendant, writes Bergens Tidende .

It was at MM Cafe & Bar that the man in November should have beaten the victim with his fist. That battle was so hard that the 26-year-old man lost consciousness, got concussion, broke two teeth and injured another four teeth. Both the police and the public prosecutor in Hordaland believe the battle was racially motivated.

According to witnesses, the man after the battle has gone to another venue where he told him he had fought. He should have said he had “been a black man”, that he had become “completely kebab in his face” and that the defendant liked what had happened.

– It is not very common with such appeals. There should be a lot of concrete to go on. And that’s it in this case, says prosecutor and lawyer Sigrid Sulland.

During the first day of the trial, the defendant denied criminal charges. He claims the battle was not unprovoked, and that the offender exercised violence first.

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