A man arrested after firing shots at a community house in Trøndelag

A man, 20-year-old, was arrested for firing shots at a community house in Trøndelag. No injury has been reported.

 There was little drama in this. There is a party in a fortress house at 2 o’clock today, and those who arranger called and said that it was shot at the greenhouse. After some investigation, a man in the 20s has been arrested and we have arrested the weapon, “says operations manager Bernt Tiller in Trøndelag police district to NTB.

“Nobody is injured and we perceive this more as a wet shot than a shot aimed at someone,” he adds.

It was reported to the police that two shots fired but the police has not yet clarified this. The police hope that the question of the detainees will clarify what has happened. According to the operations manager, the shots were rather unintentional and wasn’t aimed at someone.

“We must try to talk to him a little, and we’ll see if he is taken to Trondheim or not,” Tiller says.

He does not want to figure out what weapons the police have seized.

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