Man in his 50s died in avalanches in the Sunnmøre Alps

A man in his 50’s has been confirmed dead after being taken off an avalanche at Brunstadhornet in the Sunnmøre Alps on Saturday afternoon.

The landslide went to the municipality of Sykkylven in the direction of Langsætra and was reported by the police at 16.33. Brunstad Hornet is 1,524 meters high and the ride up is referred to as extra demanding on .

At 11.14 pm the police in Møre og Romsdal confirm that the man who was taken off the landslide died. Relatives are notified.

Woman retrieved

The man who perished was, according to Sunnmørsposten, part of a two-person tour. The woman who was with him even reported about the incident.

She was flown out of the area at 19 and brought to the hospital with a rescue helicopter.

– Her condition is as far as I know she is unharmed, but she is, of course, affected by what has happened, says the head of the Møre and Romsdal police district, Stian Vikås, to NRK Day news at midnight.

– What we know is that she got out of the landslide and has herself searched the person who lay in the landslide and dug him out. But because of the circumstances and for her own safety, she has had to take another place to get in touch with the police, he adds.

The rescue operation was terminated in the 20’s. According to Sunnmørsposten, work on extracting the fatalities will be initiated on Sunday.

Six avalanches

There were six avalanches on Sunnmøre during the day, writes Sunnmørsposten.

At 15 o’clock on Saturday, there was a landslide at Ystevasshornet in Sykkylven, which is estimated to be about 30 meters wide and 30 to 40 meters deep. No one was taken or injured in the landslide, according to the newspaper.

In addition, a hiking trip triggered an avalanche on Sandegga in Austefjord in the 14th time. Neither did anyone hurt. There were also landslides on the east side of Grødalstindane in Ørsta and Hjørundfjorden.

Moderate avalanche risk

According to , the avalanche danger for Sunnmøre is moderate, since wind has moved new snow so that it has formed flakes. In the warning, people are encouraged to be cautious in steep hills until the fresh snow has stabilized.

In Romsdal, the hazard warning is set up to the second highest level – orange – due to a small layer of fresh snow.

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