Male to hospital after traffic accident in Trondheim

A man was transported to St. Olavs Hospital for investigation after the person had crashed into the concrete edge in a roundabout at the pier.

It was 02:33 the police first reported about the incident.

“The car looks like it has had a good speed and went straight to a concrete edge in the run-up jumping. Both airbags have been triggered. It was a security guard who reported that the car had high speed before the crash, so it seems that it has gone better than it could have done, explains Operations Manager at Trøndelag Police District, Lars Letnes.

The man, who is in the 40’s, was taken to hospital after the incident, but should have come from the accident without major damage.

“We have secured blood tests, and the man agreed in a driver’s license,” says Letnes.

The police suspect it might be a matter of rushing.

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