Majority of KrF voters have a red-green party as second choice

Shows Ipsos' party barometers

Average figures from Ipsos’ party barometers show that a majority of KrF voters now have a red-green party as their second choice, writes Dagbladet.

According to the newspaper’s review of Ipsos’ party barometers from 2018, 39.5 percent of KRF’s voters today have a red-green party as their second choice. 36 percent state that they would have voted on the Right, Left or Frp if they could not vote for the KrF. 18.9 percent say they do not know which party they would have chosen as number two.

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By comparison, an average of background figures for the Ipsos measurements in 2013 shows that 52.6 at that time had a bourgeois party as its second choice. That same year, 33.1 per cent stated that they would vote for AP, Sp, SV or MDG if KrF was not an option.

According to the newspaper, developments were reversed in 2016. Then the reddish parties were 24.1 percent the most popular second choice among KrF voters for the first time in the last five years. That same year 40.6 per cent stated that they would vote for another bourgeois party.

However, the most popular single party among KrF voters remains the Right, which has been in all the last five years. In 2018, 27.7 per cent states that the second election is Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s party, while 23.2 per cent prefers the Center Party.

The city center KrF is, on its side, popular as second choice both on the right and left sides. 55.4 percent of red-green voters, mainly from Ap and Sp, say they would vote for Knut Arild Hareide’s party if they could not vote for their own. 43 percent of Left, Frp and Høyres voters say the same.


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