Major police action in Bergen after last night abduction

A man in his 30’s was abducted yesterday night in Bergen and was recovered later by police.

According to police, victim was pulled into a car and drove away from a place in Bergen city center. Later after a major search and rescue operation by police he was recovered and sent to Haukeland Hospital for check. “Most shocked and characterized by the incident,” tweeted the police.

The police have arrested a 24-year-old man and looking for three other people. On Friday morning they launched an armed action in the area of ​​Nipedalen, Tennebekk and the canal forest on Lax river. The police ask that people do not stay in the area in the future but emphasize that there is no reason for anxiety.

Police helicopter

Heavy police patrol in surrounding areas. Drones and dog patrol was also included for operation. A helicopter from the police helicopter service Oslo was brought down to Bergen for search operation, said operational manager Frode Kolltveit of the West police district.

Several police patrols were deployed on current roads. At 5:45 pm two cars were found at the Nipedals water. Several people were seen by the cars, but they ran from the place. The police later succeeded in arresting one of them, the 24-year-old who is now in the trial.

Police helicopter from Oslo arrives at Nipedalen at the canal forest where the police are hunting for three men suspected of abducting a man night to Friday. Photo: Scanpix

Without shoes and tied

Immediately after this incident a bus driver called from the same area and indicated that a man wanted to enter the bus. He was without shoes and tied to his hands and proved to be the man who was abducted.

The man explained that he had been kidnapped by four people. There was a threat of a gun and knives. He also announced that he was beaten several times in his face.

– It is investigated broadly parallel to the search in progress. It is a little early to determine whether the offenders and the suspects knew each other from earlier, informs the operation leader.

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