Macron’s support is increasing

A new survey gives French President Emmanuel Macron his best result since before the wave of “yellow vests” demonstrations began in November.

32 percent now say they think Macron is a good president, writes Reuters about the poll, conducted by Odoxa. It is the same level as the president was in before the protest movement “the yellow west”. What began as a protest against a new increase in fuel prices evolved into a broad protest movement against Macron’s policies.

The president’s popularity has crept up slowly since the bottom was reached in December when only 27 percent said they were happy with the job he did.

In parallel with Macron’s retrieval, “the yellow westerns” lose support among the French. In Odoxa’s survey, 55 per cent say that the demonstrations should end. It is the first time since the protests began that there is a clear majority that they should stop.

The survey was conducted on 20 and 21 February.

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