Lousy measurement for the majority government

All government parties lose support for NRK and Aftenposten’s first party barometer after the government enlargement. The decline is a total of 5.1 percentage points.

With a total support of 40.9 per cent, according to NRK, the lowest total support the four parties have had on Norstat’s measurements since Erna Solberg (H) became prime minister.

The survey was conducted in the period 29 January to 4 February and based on 937 interviews. Error margins are from 1.1 to 3.5 percentage points.

When the previous survey was done, right in the new year, the four parties had a total support of 46 per cent, with the Conservatives as the largest party with 27 per cent of the voters in the back. In the last survey, the party falls 4.1 percentage points to 22.9 percent. The other three parties fall just a few tenths of a percentage point and end up with a 12.0 per cent support for the Frp, 3.4 per cent for the KrF and 2.6 per cent for the Liberal Party – the latter two still below the limit.

Among the opposition parties, the Labor Party is emerging, with 1.9 percentage points to 29.2 per cent. Red goes up 1.5 percentage points, passes the barring limit and ends up at 4.8 percent support.

SV receives 7.8 per cent of the votes, while Sp and MDG receive 11.8 and 3.2 per cent respectively.

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