A lot of traffic problems in the snowy weather in Sørlandet

The snow weather led to major problems in traffic in southern Norway on Friday night. In Kristiansand a car slid into a lamp post that overturned the road.

It was a little before midnight that the police got a message that a car had driven off the road and into a lamp post on Vågsbygdveien by Kjos.

It was a while reduced accessibility on the road, but according to police, there was no serious personal injury.

At E39, during Friday night there were major problems, but near midnight, the Road Traffic Center could report that the worst was over, according to Fædrelandsvennen.

The biggest problems have been in the usual places, such as the Osestadbakken, Lenesbakken and Trybakken, where it was a matter of putting chains on truck trains and them up with road grinders.

For a while, a wagon train blocked one of the fields on the E39 at Sira in Flekkefjord, but in the 21st century the road was clear again. A lorry also drove to Eiken i Hægebostad on county road 42.

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