Leftist Abid Raja fears Sylvi Listhaug

Sylvi Listhaug will probably become the deputy chairman of Frp on Monday. While a large number of people are in favor of the decision, some are not really impressed, including Abid Raja.

Abid Raja, the leftist, says that he is fearing Sylvi and also warns of the tough settlement between them.

“I will no longer tie when she talks negative about Muslims and immigrants as a group and promotes myths and prejudices. Minority youth must see that they have someone who speaks their cause in public, “said Raja to Dagbladet.

Raja calls her  “the 2.0 version of Hagen” referring to her take on “Swedish conditions” in Norway at Arendal.

Raja said to the newspaper that he initially avoided the settlement with Listhaug but now he will meet her just as he met Carl Carl I. Hagen in television debates.

Sylvi Listhaug doesn’t remain quiet and returned with a post on Facebook Monday morning which says:

“During the past week we have had car fires and shooting episodes in NORWAY. Then, most of the time, Abid Raja is most concerned about me. Maybe Raja should also have a trip to the vulnerable areas in Sweden and heard what’s going on?”

She also said that there is nothing new that Raja is accusing her of the prejudice and hatred against Muslims. She attacked him by saying that he has failed to bring any “concrete examples” of the accusations.


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