Left warns about oil tax rescheduling

The left lost the fight to tighten the tax benefits of the oil industry, but the party’s energy policy spokesman says they have not given up, writes Klassekampen.

With that, Ketil Kjenseth (V) throws himself into the oil tax debate that started when Aps Espen Barth Eide spoke to discuss how great the risk the state should bear for oil exploration.

Ap-leader Jonas Gahr Støre quickly dismissed that Ap would like to challenge the exploration refueling scheme, but Kjenseth says he is happy the discussion is underway.

– When Ap starts to have internal debates on this, then something is new and joyful, says Kjenseth to Klassekampen.

The Liberal Party wanted to remove the exploration refueling scheme and lower the free income, schemes that make the state pay for the exploration costs for oil companies that go with deficits. Since 2005, the schemes have cost the state NOK 100 billion. Left lost the case in the government platform.

“The framework conditions are protected for two and a half years, but will be an important issue in the election campaign 2021 and be in play no matter what kind of majority we get after that election,” says the Left-wing politician.

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