“The laser man” delivered to Sweden

Swedish John Ausonius, also known as the “laser man”, is handed over to Sweden. He has been imprisoned in Germany since 2016, where he is also sentenced to life.

“He was handed over Thursday,” said German public prosecutor Nadja Niesen.

The 65-year-old was found guilty of murder both in Sweden and in Germany.

Prior to the trial in Germany, he was already serving life in Sweden for more murder, attempted murder and robbery in the early 1990s.

He was nicknamed the laser man because he shot his victims with a gun equipped with laser sight. All his victims were foreigners, except one who was a policeman.

He was handed over to Germany in 2016, but the condition for being surrendered was that he was given a possible judgment in Sweden.

In February, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in Germany for the murder of the 68-year-old Jewish woman Blanka Zmigrod in Frankfurt in 1992. She had survived the Holocaust.

Ausonius was guilty of killing her, but he was in Frankfurt when the murder happened, and he admitted having argued with Zmigrod.

At the scene there was also found ammunition of a type that is prohibited in Germany, but which was of the same type that he used in Sweden. Besides, the killer shot his victim up close and stuck off on a bike, just as Ausonius did in Sweden.

Ausonius appealed in November but did not win.

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