KrF voters dislike Frp more than SV

There is more dissatisfaction with the Frp than with the Socialist Left Party among the Christian People's Party, showing new numbers.

In a research where election voters who voted KrF last year were asked about their views on the other parties.
In total, 78 per cent of them reported that they dislike Frp, against 64 per cent for SV, writes Vårt Land . At the same time 28 percent responded that they dislike Frp “very much”. Another 15 percent said the same about SV. This is stated in a memo from the Norwegian Citizens’ Panel , prepared by researchers at the University of Bergen.

Last year, voters who voted KrF in 2013 asked for the same. Then twenty-seven responded that they disliked the two parties.

– Several of KrF’s voters dislike Frp than SV, and they dislike them more strongly. But a majority of them dislike both parties, says research assistant Marta Rekdal Eidheim at the University of Bergen, who has prepared the memorandum.

To our country, both Eidheim and professor Bernt Aardal at the University of Oslo confirm that both the difference in view of Frp and SV, and the changes from last year, are statistically secure.

“Based on the numbers, we can say that the proportion that dislikes SV has decreased while the proportion that disagrees with Frp has gone up. The relationship with the Frp may have been more focused on Venstre’s accession to Government and the Listhaug exit, says Aardal.

The figures also give an indication of intensity, not just the direction, says Aardal, who says this supports the fact that KrF’s voters dislike Frp more than SV.

On the other hand, a recent survey from InFact for Nettavisen was raised after Knut Arild Hareide made his recommendation and after the state budget was presented. It draws an even clearer picture:

64.6 per cent of the asked KrF voters do not want Frp in government. Only 28.2 percent respond the same to SV.

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