Krf stuck between whether or not to enter the government, question splits the party

The KrF is stuck between the question of whether to enter or to not enter the government. The question of the cooperation has split the party and the KrFU management.

After an hour of debate at KrFU National Assembly, on the one hand, it was argued that “KrF sucks as opposition party” and, on the other hand, shown to the electoral promise not to go into government with Frp, the youth party said that the mother party should seek power and prosperity by sitting in government with the Right, Left and Progress Party.

The party leadership with Knut Arild Hareide, Olaug Bollestad and Kjell Ingolf Ropstad disagree according to the reports.

Storting’s representative Geir Jørgen Bekkevold believes the party can not go into government with the Progress Party. “The Frp Guarantee should apply to the next National Assembly. What we said before the election should also apply after the election, says Bekkevold to ABC Nyheter”.

At the same time Bekkevold confirms that he believes the party should consider switching to Jonas Gahr Støre. 

“I’m among those who think we should not rule out it,” said the parliamentary representative. 

Martine Tønnessen, who was re-elected as KrFU leader on Saturday morning, rounded the debate to argue to take the mother party into government with the Frp, provided that they manage to negotiate a government platform that makes a contribution to KrF’s policy.

Both of the two newly elected deputies argued against entering a government where Frp is also sitting – because the political distance is too big and because the party ahead of the 2017 parliamentary elections said that it was not going to seek a government power in which Frp is involved.

Loose voters no matter what

On Friday, 29 September, the official work on the cooperation issue will begin. Following the plan, the party will present the outcome in November. 

According to Bekkevold, the KrF party will loose voters no matter what decision they take. The question of cooperation has divided the party as of now.

Erna Solberg visited the KrFU National Assembly

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) appeared unexpectedly at the KrFU National Assembly on Friday, the day before delegates voted for the cooperation question.

 I respond very strongly. It is set up for clean lobbying for us to enter her government, “said first deputy head Nikolai Berglund Skogan to NRK. 

Solberg’s surprising visit to KrFU’s country meeting on Friday night helped to sharpen the frontiers of the youth party before Saturday’s debate on the MP’s election in Norwegian politics until the next parliamentary elections.

The debate on Saturday ended with the KrFU National Assembly’s opinion that KrF should go into government with the Right, Left and Frp

It was adopted by 47 to 33 votes that the KrF should go into government with the Right, Left and Frp.

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