The King of Thailand approves the holding of elections

The government army in Thailand seized power in a coup in May 2014 and has since ruled hard. Prayut Chan-o-cha, which the military junta in Thailand has posted as prime minister, has vowed to hold elections, but it has been postponed several times.

On Wednesday, the Royal Palace in Thailand states that the king has approved the holding of the election and that the date will be announced shortly.

The decree is published in the Royal Gazette. It approves the election of members of the parliament and gives the Royal Election Commission five days to announce the date of the election. The military junta has previously said that the election should be held no later than the end of February, but it can hold hard now.

It is only now that the decree has been issued that it is allowed to conduct election campaigns, although several political meetings have already been held.

The junta has banned, among other things, political meetings with more than four participants and has cast many in jail for violating this and other prohibitions.

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