Kindergarten employee arrested and suspected of child abuse in Bergen

A male kindergarten employee in his 30’s has been arrested in Bergen, suspected of having assaulted one of the children in the kindergarten he was employed in.

The man was arrested on Monday this week. He is questioned but does not acknowledge punishment. On Wednesday, he is scheduled to be presented for remand prison.

The police in Bergen on Tuesday evening will hold an information meeting with parents and employees in the relevant kindergarten, where the assaults have allegedly occurred, the police said in a press release.

– We have carried out several interrogations and there will be further questioning in the days to come. We have a good cooperation with the management in the kindergarten where the accused is employed. The employees and any parents who need a follow-up will be offered this, the police said.

The police have searched the apartment for the arrested man and seized computer equipment.

– I want to remind everyone that everyone is innocent until the contrary is proved, says the man’s defense Kaj Wigum to Bergensavisen.

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