Join the Swedish Stone Age death kingdom

– That taken out of a horror movie, says the archaeologist.

– It must have been pure horror movie. I am absolutely convinced that this has given rise to later myths about the hell, including during the Viking Age, says archaeologist Jonathan Lindström, who follows the Stone Age farmers into the grave in the first episode of SVT’s new series ” The First Swedes ” – “De första svenskarna”.

In these Swedish stone chamber tombs, the dead were wrapped in a wild boar skin and placed sitting along the walls together with the former dead. The people of that time believed that the chambers were somewhere the dead would wait to be reborn.

– There is an interesting theory that the tombs can be seen as a kind of goddess’s womb, says Lindström.

Agriculture came to Sweden 6,000 years ago. The first farmers had different traditions than hunters who lived there before. These farmers must have had their roots in today’s Turkey and the Middle East. Several will have established themselves in Falbygden in Västergötland, southwest of Sweden.

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